Posted by: Heather | December 13, 2009


I’m quite belated in posting these photos, but at least it’s not Christmas yet!   Here is a little taste of all the celebrating we’ve done in the last 2 months.

On October 13, Grace turned 10.

Happy Birthday Grace!

A few days later, we hosted our very first sleepover party for her and her friends.


The girls with the string art they made

The Morning After

Hannah also had a birthday – She turned 8 on November 14th.  Again we had a houseful of girls, but not overnight this time!

The girls played lots of games, made paper snowflakes in honor of the first snowfall the day before, and enjoyed pink cake.

(My camera was acting up, so unfortunately the photos are not great – some taken with the video camera)

A rousing game of musical chairs

Hannah loves her heart shaped cake!

The day after her birthday, Hannah got to enjoy cake with some other friends who also had birthdays the same week!

We also had a really great  fellowship with friends over the Thanksgiving holidays.   We miss our families, but it is so wonderful to have “family” like this here in China!

There was no turkey because none of us has an oven big enough…but we had roasted chickens, heads, feet and all.  Oh – and we did have some turkey.  They were humongous smoked legs someone found in a market here.  Yummy, but tasted just like ham, not the turkey I’m used to.  I found a can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce a while back in an import store, and horded it, along with some Jello from home, to make my mom’s famous Fruitful Cranberry Salad.  Yum!!

Our friend M who is fostering "Jerry", born without some of his arm bones

Our first Thanksgiving meal in China

Wonderful "after Thanksgiving" dinner with precious friends

Wonderful "after Thanksgiving" dinner with precious friends

The kids playing with their friends after a delicious Korean meal with our neighborhood friends

Pure goofiness!



  1. We enjoy seeing your family pictures and reading what you are doing! So glad you take the time to share!
    The Clevelands

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